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Current Status

The Record of Decision for the Adopted Final EIS was signed on April 12, 2016.

Important Dates

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The Federal Highway Aministration (FHWA), in cooperation with the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD), intends to adopt an approved Final EIS for the I-12 to Bush highway in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana. The EIS was prepared by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New Orleans District, as part of a Section 404 Permit Application, number MVN-2005-00037. The Notice of Intent for the EIS appeared in the FR, Volume 73, Number 224, November 19, 2008. The project calls for the construction of a new four-lane highway connecting I-12 to Bush, Louisiana, in St. Tammany Parish. The preferred alternative is approximately 19.8 miles in length and begins at LA 434, north of the existing LA 434 interchange, and traverses in a northeasterly direction until encountering an abandoned rail corridor. It then follows the rail corridor terminating at the LA 21/LA 41 intersection near Bush, Louisiana. The EIS considered the social, environmental, and economic impacts of the project. The No-Action alternative and four roadway alternatives were evaluated and discussed in the Draft and Final EIS. The Notice of Intent to adopt appeared in the Federal Register, Volume 78, Number 212, November 1, 2013. The FHWA prepared a noise study in accordance with 23 CFR 772 and coordinated the Section 4(f) evaluation for the project in accordance with 23 CFR 774. FHWA will prepare its own Record of Decision, following the publication of the adopted FEIS, in accordance with 40 CFR 1505.2 and Sec. 1319(b) of MAP-21. The public will be given an opportunity to comment on the proposed action prior to issuance of a ROD by FHWA. The public notice will be published in local newspapers and on this website.

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